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Alcudia - old town

The trip around Mallorca continues :) Another place we visited is the old part of the town Alcudia. The narrow, colourful and quiet streets of the old town are magical. They are full of flowers, colourful and historical buildings, old, little windows and also unique cafes and local shops selling local art and souvenirs. Every street had some surprise around each corner which made exploring of it more and more eventful and felt like going back in time... Have a look yourself :)

The old town from above...

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Pollensa - Santuari del Puig de Maria

My sister likes hiking so we decided to hike up to the Santuari del Puig de Maria as we expected beautiful views. The hike was easy and took about 50 minutes, however, in the heat it was not as simple but still enjoyable :) The views on the way and on the top compensated for all the effort.

When reaching the monastery it was almost like we arrived in a different era. The buildings were constructed in 1348 and almost looked like they were abandoned. There were benches with breathtaking views, a little chapel and a tiny cafe in the monastery. The surroundings are full of flowers, citrus trees and goats, it is a very pleasant place to rest after the hike in the heat.

View of the Cap de Formentor

Small windows with amazing views not to let too much light and heat

Inside the monastery, the climate of the past is preserved with old furniture and other details

The garden surrounding the monastery with beautiful views and nature

On our way down to Pollensa, we met wild goats and adorable, sma…

Majorca - Cala s'Almunia

Writing this post is very exciting for me. This is because I visited Majorca, and after Corfu, it is the most beautiful place that I have been to. The combination of beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains and magical villages is just so unique. In this post, I want to show you the gorgeous, wild beach called Cala s'Almunia. It is just beside the famous beach Calo des Moro, but it less known and we got there by accident when trying to get to Calo des Moro. After reaching Cala s'Almunia we did not regret getting lost as the views were just astonishing as well as the tiny pebble beach with clear water and a huge cave in the bay few meters from the beach. Just have a look yourself :)

The views during our walk to the beach were just magical...

Going down steep steps to the beach...

The views when we reached the beach...

With 35 degrees outside the water was perfect for relaxing...

Majorca is full of little surprises like a door in a rock

Landscapes of Tenerife

I found few more photos from our trip to Tenerife. Roads with scary bends are compensated by breathtaking landscapes with amazing nature and colourful houses. Some of the pictures were taken from the car so the shrubs or trees in front are a little blurred.

Los Gigantes, their height can reach up to 500m. They are very impressive. 

Playa de la Americas at night. The sunsets are very picturesque and romantic. 

Hiking in Glendalough

Recently I've been hiking in Glendalough. Luckily, the weather was beautiful but made it harder to hike as it was very warm. I took few photos on my way up and while being on the top.

nature and Loro Parque in Tenerife

The nature in Tenerife widely varies. In some parts, there are yellow and dry landscapes, but in the most parts, it is very green and colourful, with beautiful flowers, leaves and shrubs. Just have a look yourself.

P.S. Some of the pictures were taken with my phone so they may not be of the best quality. 

The Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry

My family and I did a one-day road trip to the west coast of Ireland. We visited two places on the Dingle Peninsula, the famous place from all postcards, the Dunquin Harbour and the Inch Beach, that stretches for 3 miles. The weather was just stunning by which we were surprised. 

A few hours later when we got the the Ring of Kerry the weather deteriorated - we expected that such a beautiful weather could not last for long in the West of Ireland :) As we were driving farther the landscape was becoming more dull and rainy, but the views remained beautiful.